Great deals on Firewood now on with quality hardwoods in store.

All our Firewood is moisture tested to ensure that it reaches Australian Standards and burns great!

Contact our staff for delivery options.


Do you deliver firewood?

Yes we certainly do deliver. Please contact our staff for more information and pricing to your area.

How do you measure the amount I get?

We take this very seriously. When you buy by weight we use our certified scales on our loaders to measure the weigh of the wood so you get exactly what you pay for.
Do you stack firewood?

No sorry we do not stack firewood upon delivery. All deliveries are tipped off one of our trucks.

What is the quality like?

We source only 100% sustainable, seasoned, dry and ready to burn firewood from trusted and experienced suppliers. Our wood is moisture tested when it arrives to ensure that it meets Australian standards and will burn well.

Do you sell other types of firewood?

We endeavour to have red gum & blue gum available throughout the firewood season, however we do often source and sell other firewood, like Iron bark, Blue Gum & Yellow box,

Our Red Gum Mixed Combo is the perfect all rounder consisting of 50% Blue Gum & 50% Red Gum/Iron Bark.

Contact us for more info.

Red Gum Mix Firewood

$450 per Tonne OR $250 per half tonne

Red Gum Mix firewood consists of 50% Blue Gum & 50% Red Gum/Iron Bark, a great combination of slow burning and high heat timbers that's easy to light and the primary wood that we try to supply.

A brilliant all round wood combination that burns hot and lasts a long time without difficulty lighting - Will keep you warm all winter long.

Delivery and pick up available.

Straight Blue Gum Firewood also available - $400 per Tonne or $220 per half Tonne


No room for a bulk delivery or sick of running around for bagged wood? Want free delivery? Well we have the answer for you!

Introducing the Wheelie Wood option! Get a 250ltr bin delivered to your door and cut out the mess of having firewood dumped in your driveway.

How it works;

  1. Phone us up and make an initial order for 1 or more of our 250ltr Wheelie Wood bins filled with premium Firewood to be delivered. 

  2. Each load of a full 240ltr wheelie bin is just $69. That’s approximately 6x bags worth of wood in one simple and clean bin!

  3. Pay an initial delivery fee based on your area and leave with us a deposit of $50 for each bin you book.

  4. Then as you run low just call us again and book a refill delivery on a Saturday for a FREE Delivery!* Just pay another $69 for your fill up load of Firewood

  5. At the end of season we will be in touch to book a pick up time for us to collect our Wheelie Wood bins and return your deposit to you.


Firstly you get premium Firewood! We stock the best wood on the market and all our wood is moisture tested to ensure that it is appropriately seasoned.

Keep your wood dry! The Wheelie Wood offers a secure and dry place for you to store your wood, therefore there is no more need to fill up the garage with wood, Rather place the bin in the backyard or any where around your home without having to worry about the rain and wet wood.

The Wheelie Wood bins are clean and easy to store. No more stacking and cleaning up firewood, these are no fuss and no mess bins that make storing wood easy. The bins fully loaded weigh around 100 to 120kgs but have wheels! So you can move them into your garage or backyard.

Get free delivery to your door! If we can deliver on a Saturday then we are happy to offer free delivery to you. 


Terms and conditions

Initial deliveries of Wheelie Wood Bins may be carried out on any day of the week as discussed with you at the time of ordering.

*Free Delivery only offered for customers within our local delivery zone (approximately 20kms of Greenvale, please talk to our staff for more information and to find out if you are within our delivery area). Free delivery (for refill) can only be carried out on Saturdays. If you would like a different day for delivery you will be charged another delivery fee.

No pick ups, strictly a delivery only option. If you would like to pick firewood up please look at our other options on this page.

If the Wheelie Wood bin is not returned to us in a good condition then you will not receive your deposit back.

Offer only lasts until September 14th 2022. We will not offer free delivery beyond this date and will expect all bins to be booked for return pick up by 1/10/22.

This offer is only while Firewood stocks last. We strive to keep Red Gum firewood in stock all winter long but sometimes we might simply run out. If this was to occur we will substitute with an equivalent quality firewood product, if you choose not to continue with the offer then we will pick up our bin and return your deposit to you.